Trip Three: Recording Part Four

For the final full day of my time in Norway I headed to the centre of town and the waterfront.

It is in this area that the river Akerselva meets the Oslofjord, finally completing its journey weaving down through the centre of the city. The river actually disappears underground at this point, entirely consumed by the city.

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 21.08.11

This area along the waterfront is home to extensive redevelopment. I walked around on the roof of the Opera house and captured some excellent construction sounds as these large diggers forced metal pylons into the ground. With the direct sound and the reflections off of the surfaces of the opera house and other nearby buildings it presented a very appealing soundscape.

Following this I walked back up towards the palace and my hotel. En route I was able to capture a rich and complex soundscape along Karl Johans gate.

After this I walked back to the hotel, grabbed my laptop and headed across to the studios for my last session booked in studio Nordheim.


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