Stille Lyd – Part II on Canadian Radio, CKUC 93.1 FM

Stille Lyd – Part II was selected as part of the ‘Acoustic Frontiers’ playlist for September, broadcast on CKCU-FM () 93.1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

This is a fantastic programme featuring the latest electroacoustic sounds from around the world. It’s really great to have been selected for the playlist and to be able to share the work from this project with listeners of CKUC.

The programme featuring my works is available ON DEMAND here.


Concert Two – Greenwich, London. 6th January 2015

In January 2015 I hosted another iteration of the project concert, this time in Greenwich.

Click the image below for a copy of the concert programme:
GRE concert Flyer

I recently started work at the University of Greenwich and as an introduction to my work and a statement of intention (we are launching Sound as a significant academic / research area here) the ‘Stille Lyd’ concert would be perfect.

The Concert

Jøran Rudi and Magnus Bugge flew across for the event and to present their works (as well as to present to students on their own work).

We had a great turn out, filling the “Crit Pit” of our building in Stockwell Street.


The Drinks Reception

The concert was followed by an excellent drinks reception which gave everyone the chance to meet and discuss, and also to enjoy the Brunøst which Magnus had kindly brought over with him!

DSC08672 DSC08673 DSC08685 DSC08701

Special thanks to everyone who came, to Jøran and Magnus and to students and colleagues at the University of Greenwich who have supported the Sound area to make this concert possible.

Stille Lyd: A concert of electroacoustic works from Norway.

Friday 28th March will mark the formal end of this project with a final concert event presenting the works that I have developed, alongside those of my friends at NOTAM and a piece by Arne Nordheim.


I’ll be giving a short talk about the project and cracking open some cheese and wine, so it’d be great to see you if you are anywhere nearby.

The event is free and takes place in Leicester, at the PACE building, Richmond Street, LE1 9BH

Composition Titles

I also decided that it was more appropriate that my pieces had Norwegian titles. Not only does it look and sound cooler, but it instantly links the work with the project and its place of inspiration and creation.

The “quiet” deep of solitude.

for, though the quiet deep of solitude reigned in that vast and nearly boundless forest, nature was speaking with her thousand tongues, in the eloquent language of night in the wilderness. The air sighed through ten thousand trees, the water rippled, at places, even roared along the shores and now and then was heard the creaking of a branch, or a trunk as it rubbed against some object similar to itself, under the vibrations of  a nicely balanced body.

A quote from Fenimore Cooper, taken from R. Murray. Scheffers discussion of Clairaudience. (Audio Cultures p.31)

The fear of sil…


The fear of silence is nothing new. Silence surrounds the dark world of death. Sometimes the silence of the vast universe hovers over us, enveloping us. This is the intense silence of birth, the quiet silence of one;s return to earth. Hasn’t art been the human creature’s rebellion against silence? Poetry and music were born when man first uttered sound, resisting the silence.

Toru Takemitsu on Silence

Kirpal Singh – On sound and Silence


“The essence of sound is felt in both motion and silence, it passes from existent to nonexistent.

When there is no sound, it is said that there is no hearing, but that does not mean that hearing has lost its preparedness.

Indeed, when there is no sound, hearing is most alert, and where there is sound the hearing nature is least developed.”


Kirpal Singh (1970) Naam or Word, Ruhani Satsang, Deli, India. p.59.

Quoted in R. Murray. Shaffer (2004) The Music of the Environment. In: Audio Cultures, (ed.) C. Cox and D. Warner, Continuum. London. p.38